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    We are a family business and have been designing, manufacturing and supplying high end jewelry for 30+ years.

    Our business, New Wave Jewellery, was founded by my dad Myron in 1985. My dad had always been fascinated by rocks and was an avid collector. After meeting his wife Julie while doing his masters degree in Canada, they moved to Germany to complete Myron's PHD in geochemistry (the study of earth and its physical aspects, composition and structure).

    Once his doctorate was complete, they moved back home and started a family.
    While working and raising a family, my dad's passion for collecting rare stones quickly led to a fascination for jewellery with precious gemstones. 

    One day, a colleague asked to purchase one of his beautiful rare gemstones. He was offered more than he had expected and agreed to sell the stone. That was the moment that the idea of creating a jewellery business came into perspective.
    Armed with a PHD in rock science and a strong work ethic, Myron began to grow the business rapidly. His goal was to find the best gemstones possible and create unique and stunning jewellery that stands out from everything else in the market. 

    Our goal 30 years later remains the same. 

    Use the best gemstones we can find. Only 18k gold. Create jewellery that is so unique, nobody else can come close to having something similar. 

    The Whole Team
    From Left to Right (Misha, Emilie, Julie, Myron) | Emilie at her wedding, wearing our gorgeous Diamond and Blue Topaz Earrings

    Myron and Julie at the Las Vegas International Jewellery Show 2014


    Take a look at our personal favorite, Gemstone Earring collection

    Gemstone Earring Collection